Mullahs and Houris

Some days back i was having an argument with a friend over how the concept of Ḥūrs (Houris) is an objectification of women, and it was interesting that the very next day i got an email from J Z, containing a couplet which someone had shared with him in a literary gathering:

Jannat ki deevar pe charrh ke, main ne aur shaitan ne dekha
Sehmi hui hooron ke peechay vehshi mulla daurr rahay hain ....

A rough translation would be like

Climbing up the wall of heaven, Satan and I witnessed
The savage mullahs chasing after the frightened houris.


Abdul Sami said…
lol.. hav to say.. only a true GOD can create a HUR that would be able to withstand a mullah !!!
Uni said…
How extremely hilarious... and..witty

Dur-e-Aziz Amna said…
Lol. That's a really ridiculous piece of 'poetry'.
Komal said…
This is hilarious!