'Hand of God'

The enchanting image of a cosmic hand reaching out for the stars... recorded by NASA's Chandra observatory, X-ray image of the nebula produced by the pulsar B1509.

For more info: Telegraph


Umer Latif said…
This is beautiful!

Now just wait a few more days and there would be religious websites of this picture claiming ridiculous stuff! =D
Abdul Sami said…
u want to see a hand.. u see a hand

try lookin for a fish... and u will see a fish :D

personally i see an iphone there :D
Usha said…
Thats really cool..
Salman Latif said…
That pretty much looks like a hand.
Beautiful one!!
The logic works the other way too, though. You may/can see a fish in an actual hand. :P
Kunwal said…
this is really amazing. i d like to share it on fb if it s ok for you.
Awais said…
@ Kunwal

Of course :)
Rhodora Online said…
Beautiful pic but I see no reason for dubbing it the hand of God.
Ria said…
Its Great but not real I think so. You see what you wana see, i agree to that.