The Dark, Black, Hairy Monster

John Locke: What is the monster?
Ben Linus: What?
John Locke: The black smoke, the monster. What is it?

Lost, Episode 4.02

How do you fight The Dark, Black, Hairy Monster? How do you survive its deceit, its cunning, which multiplies like Hydra's heads with every strike you make at it? How do you run away from the lies, the filth, the poison it spews out against you? How do you defend yourself when the black monster has the power to mutate the untruth into verity?

Will good always be in the clutches of bad?
Will darkness always over-shadow the light?

How do you fight the lie with a truth, when the truth is weak?

Is the only way to fight The Dark, Black, Hairy Monster is to become a monster yourself?


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not necessarily! Most of the time monsters exist inside of us. we just need to gain control of our own selves!

PS. There is someone name "John Locke" on the show Lost?? ;)
Awais said…
Yes, there is. I suppose you are reminded of "John Locke" the English philosopher? :)

There are also characters named Rousseau, Hume, Faraday and Linus in Lost. Very philosophical-scientific inspired names.
F. said…
The truth is weak and the lie is perpetuated by a lie.When does the lie become the truth?And how?A few things I'd like to think about.
Usha said…
Why do the evil monster always have to be dark, black and almost outta the world?

Maybe its something really pretty, cute but evil, so very subtle that many mistake it for their real personality.

If it was indeed dark and gross it would have been so much easier to get rid of it. Who wants a dark, eerie monster for a pet ?? ;)

Cheers...nice post...
Salman Latif said…
Wel...we all are monsters, in part at least. It's this fine delicate balance of our monstrous and non-monstrous self, the tao balance between shadows and light that we all seek.
As to how to achieve it,patience is vital. And strength of personality is essential to stand its assaults.
Saad Javed said…
Oy, after this post, you hav2 hav2 hav2 watch Delhi 6...the dark,black,hairy monster Question is there in it too...bohat alaa nhy hay...but u mite like many other dumb things na...
Abdul Sami said…
@usha... like femme fatal??? lol

@topic... hmmm.... how about turning on a light !
Vasudha said…
Must they always fight?