My First Shooting Experience

I have been having many first-time experiences in the last year or so, and who would have thought that the meek-and-mild Waisi would be holding a gun anytime soon, let alone shoot one. But Lo behold! Here i am, with a P. Beretta semi-automatic shotgun, and hitting targets *wham wham*.

Venue: The Gun Club, Islamabad

Yeah, kid, watch out! Who knows what i'll do with that weapon!

Aiming for the 'target'. Relax animal-rights activists, its not a bird.

*wham!* See the smoke and the recoil!

The baby!

And this is me, feeling all thrilled and manly after shooting a few flying discs *roar*

Photos by my cousin Atif.


Abdullah Shahid said…
Wow! Cool. Were you able to hit the target or not? :-p
singamaraja said…
Singamaraja reading your blog
Sennaz said…
*shakes her head*

whats with men and guns???

btw im readin ur blog...i think im gonna be a regular follower from now on:)
Dur-e-Aziz Amna said…
Wow. NOW, I've seen everything.
Tazeen said…
awww looks like you had fun

PS: singamaraha announced something similar on my blog as well, i think that's the only English s/he knows
PostMan said…
First time I tried a hand at shooting was in NCC. I shot the first time and I thought "damn! cracked my glasses! and my shoulder is dislocated for sure!" the .303 had so much noise.

There was this HUGE wall in front of me and I had to hit targets on it. I 'professionally' shot at them.. then ran towards the target where the guy was checking the hits. I asked "How many did I hit!!" He said "None". Asshole.

Turns out, I was made a member of the party that counted how many hits a guy made. Whenever the cadet came along with sergeant and asked me how many hits.. I used to 9! or 8! (out of 10) and the sergeant would say 'O bakwas na ker'. Asshole.
Uni said…
:D funny how appearances deceive.. you don't LOOK the shooting type at ALL. :D
Usama said…
by the way, which place is this shooting site?
Awais said…
@ Usama

Its The Gun Club in Islamabad. I don't know its address or location. A cousin drove me there.

@ Abdullah

Yes, i got my first ever shot on the target ;)