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* "There's a ghost of a dream that you don't even try to shake free of because you're too in love with the way she haunts you."

* So she became a woman who held her head high, not in arrogance, or contempt, but because she knew that it was a form of cowardice to make a choice and then pretend you didn't really make it.

* How do you measure love? How do you separate it from selfishness? Think of all the futures that could have been, all the pasts we'd never understand, everything in the present we keep hidden from one another and ourselves, all the futures that still might be. Is love strongest when it holds on or lets go?

* It made us see what we were capable of. No one should ever know what they are capable of. But worse, even worse, is to see it and then pretend you didn't. The truths we conceal don't disappear, Raheen, they appear in different forms.

Kamila Shamsie, Kartography


Mayhem said…
It's wonderful.
karachi khatmal said…
to be honest, these are really beautiful pieces.

moreover, i'm really impressed by the intellectualism inherent in your blog posts.

but didn't parts of kartography, and most parts of kamila's books, make you want to look away and puke? i mean the characters she creates, until recently, i had never even met or could imagine. i now know that such people exist, but i have never been able to shake off that feeling of revulsion i initially felt about her work.

but as the love of my life keeps telling me - we end up becoming that which we hate.

so i'll try to quit hating.
di said…
I went out and bought the book after reading these quotes on your blog! These quotes are profound to me after some circumstances I've been through lately.