M. Awais Aftab

How convenient it would be
To love by default
An unknown, undecided entity X
To be inserted someday
Into the equation
By your parents
How convenient it would be
For us to love
With such mathematical certainty
But mine heart is too rebellious
For such facility
And yours too, i believe
For we would not survive this venture
Without being suffocated into zombies


Rabia said…
haha you said so much so simply. =p
ahh... that touched somewhere. sigh.
Abdul Sami said…
but don u think u hav a lot of people growin up these days fantasizin about that somebody X ?

i think the X already exists... !
Insanely insane said…
Hmm, i am the rebel too so i can understand. ;)Well wriiten. Love the title.