Qualities of the Future Wife

Studying for the BSc English exam (Punjab University) has been an amusing experience in itself. Compared with the O and A levels English exams, BSc English exam is highly ludicurous, both in its contents and its approach to the subject. However, in this post i want to share an outline of an essay given in the book "BSc English Simple - Grammar and Composition" by Prof. Zia-ur-Rehman Khan. It is a matter of tragedy that Pakistani students are expected to write essays of such inferior quality, both in language and thought. The title is "Qualities of the Future Wife", and reflects the androcentrism that people like Freethinker and Alderson Warm-Fork have been blogging about. It presents a woman as an object to be acquired, like an animal to bought for one's farm. No essay by the title of "Qualities of a Future Husband" is given in the book (and even if it were given, it would only have reflected the male-female, husband-wife stereotypes present in the society.) The essay, it sees a wife as just a bundle of qualities, what about the person herself?

I am copying it word by word from the book, page 283.

Qualities of the Future Wife

1. The Introduction-- Every young man thinks seriously of the kind of wife he would like to have.

2. Some qualities of the future wife that a man should have in mind:
a) Faithfulness. In any case, she should prove faithful to her husband, in all possible ways.
b) Noble character is another main requirement.
c) Good habits
d) Education - She should be as much educated as possible.
e) Good appearance. If possible, she should be attractive.

3. It is very difficult to find a young woman having all the above qualities. One should look for a woman who has as many good qualities as possible.

4. A good husband can cause his wife to acquire some noble qualities after marriage.

5. The conclusion - It is the greatest blessing for a man to get a wife having the qualities he likes dearly.


Abdul Sami said…
haha... this is sad !

how though one makes a woman acquire good habits... ???
Tazeen said…
who are these people?
Abdullah Shahid said…
Ufff...I don't know to laugh or cry on that.
Uni said…
Am I missing something? :P What, again, is wrong with this thing? I mean.. is it not deep enough for you if somebody would like to have a loyal spouse or ... having a nice personality ?? ?

**trying not to laugh**
freethinker said…
And there's no mention of the sexual desire, of the possibility of someone 'acquiring' a wife because of love. That's why I think women's movement has to be accompanied with a movement for sexual liberation.
Dur-e-Aziz Amna said…
LOL. Thank God many men do not take this too seriously. I cannot think of any woman, who would fit the description.
F. said…
Congratulations. Why? I don't know. Maybe it's for the fact that you discovered and shared what a lot of women in this country are taught since childhood. Maybe it's for the fact that now more people know,and know that there is something wrong with turning a person into a soulless collection of characteristics existing only for the use of another. Maybe it's for the fact that I feel like saying nothing else because realizing how likely it is another generation will be stuck in the same rut makes me so...weary.
San said…
LOL are you kidding me. thats insane. hehe.

i moved!!! http://impudence.wordpress.com/
Salman Latif said…
Well....wanting a faithful spouse is nothing wrong at all - only that I'd ask of an immediate clause added to this 'demand' of the guy himself being equally faithful, something which'd out many of my gender-mates endorsing the views cited by the excerpt at awkward positions. :D
Ayesha said…
Its so ridiculous to list qualities that I cannot even begin to comment.
Anonymous said…
huh......It would b better to say if a woman had a husband who is faithful! That would b d greatest blessing of GOD bt unfortunately its hard to c ne!!