One Faltering Step

L'echelle by =xavierrey © on deviantART

One Faltering Step

It would be untoward
To plan a whole life ahead
To place every stony tread
In treacherous waters
With love, with care, with dreams
To wager your happiness
On a single path
And to lose it all
By one faltering step

M. Awais Aftab


Uni said…
Nice :)

Were you inspired by the photo, or you wrote the poem first and then found the right photo?

Just wondering !
Awais said…
Thank you. I saw the picture first :)
Syeda Faiza said…
If you must falter, be wise!

I just realized this sentence is quite an advice for precarious situations.
a fan said…
I always had this thought in mind as sometimes i wondered that maybe i took one faltering step and ended up in search of a path again...

You have captured it very eloquently in this poem :)