My First Telescope Moment

Despite being an astronomy enthusiast since many years, i got to see through a telescope for the first time in my life only yesterday evening (1st February). It was an event arranged by Khwarzimic Science Society in Punjab University, and hence i owe them my gratitude for allowing me, and many other people, this relatively rare opportunity. The things they showed the gathering through their telescopes were craters of the moon (Ibn Rushd crater in particular, named after the Muslim philosopher), the Apollo landing site, Venus (which shows phases like the moon) and the Orion nebulla. It was certainly a memorable experience.


i remember when i was taking an austronomy course. We had to go the observatory multiple times to view these stupid planets and take all these readings that never made sense to me and the worse part is that the temp was usually below zero... it sucked being outdoors for a good two hours or so.

But glad you liked your experience. Clearly, I dont have very many good memories of my first telescope experience :-)
robertryu said…
its awesome!awesome!wonderful.u ve seen real
PostMan said…
Still waiting for my telescopic moment. Out of scope I guess.
misspecs said…
Common people like us can be but envious!

Sounds like you had a great time.
Uni said…
I wish we had one too ... **jealously**

But glad you enjoyed :S.. It has been a dream of mine too.

Worst, a relative (on my request and to the despair of my parents) bought me a $150 telescope. It was magnificent.

Only, it didn't work. (to the extreme disgust of my parents) .. *sigh*
Abdullah Shahid said… was a good experience :-)
Abdul Sami said…
the heavens have always fascinated me... :D

i will soon buy one of my own :D !!!
Rina said…
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Kunwal said…
I ve been at the planetarium two or three times and they showed us the night sky and parts of space in a spectacular multimedia show against the dome ceiling. but they didnt let us peek though their telescope (which by the way has a very awesome construction).