Congenital Social Defects

"Congenital Social Defects". The expression popped up in my mind during a discussion with Aati, and to my surprise, it appears that the term has not been used before. Aati urged me to float it on the blogosphere believing that the term has potential for wide-spread use. It is meant to denote a certain attitude people have towards members of the socially marginalized groups. The meaning would become apparent from the context in which it was used.

Aati: Life isn't easy. It's especially difficult if you're born 'wrong'.
Me: Born wrong? You mean born in the wrong place, wrong time?
Aati: No. Born 'wrong'. Born 'wrong' in any way. Born female, born poor, born deformed, born disabled, born into a different religion, born into a disliked race. And then there are 'instrinsic faults' that appear later -- born rebellious, for example.
Me: Oh, right. Congenital social defects.
Aati: Haha! Now that should go down in a dictionary.


Abdul Sami said…
but how can one claim that it is indeed wrong ?
Awais said…
We are not claiming that it is wrong; we are in fact criticizing the whole concept of 'wrong'.
Abdul Sami said…
isn this what i was sayin ? lol

perhaps i shud not hav used 'but' :D
F. said…
In the nature versus nurture debate,the latter would probably find some of its most vehement opponents from our part of the world.Everything here is a law of nature,an act of God,an unchangeable reality that was always meant to be--to complain is to sin,to challenge the order of things,to invite destruction.Suffering in silence is the only way to suffer:'safaid poshi','sabr',etc.
Ayesha said…
Well said. Congenital indeed.
Anonymous said…
The problem with the term is the word 'defect'. The first impression that would come to a person's mind when hearing Congenital Social Defects is that a person with a CSD is someone who is born with an inability to be social.

The concept you're trying to get at is already referred to in critical discourse, though not by any particular name. It's referred to as being born into an oppressed or marginalized group.

Sometimes it's referred to as not being privileged, so the concept of privilege becomes the reference point.