Aati: Most people in this country jump from extended teenage to old age when the first baby arrives. I wonder why.
Me: Before that they are under their parents' control and after that they become parents themselves.
Aati: You're either controlled or you control someone else; our culture is very authoritarian.


true.... i am glad i don't have to go through with that.

I can help but think that you are such a misfit for Pakistani culture. I just feel like you should move to the west at one point. Have you been (visited) Europe or America?
Ayesha said…
Lack of responsibility and lack of acceptance of responsibility is more like it. Even when they become parents, their parents are the real parents. In some ways I encourage nuclear families.
Tazeen said…
from being children to parents with no adulthood in between, that is the case of almost 97 per cent women in Pakistan. With men, the ration might be slightly better 95 per cent
karachi khatmal said…
superb snippet

i think as someone who is having to make the transition, its especially harder for me because we never have to be responsible, and can live like babies even after the birth of our children because our mothers and wives are expected to handle it all for us.

i completely agree with ayesha, its about accepting responsibility. but its not always like our parents have it right either - they are just as prone to being childish.

another caveat to our culture is that it is terribly judgmental. you can not escpae judgment anywhere.