The Secret Behind Make-Up

It seems alot is going on within a woman's brain as she applies make-up to her face...

After two years of research work, headed by Dr Ken Mogi, scientists now have a better idea of the cognitive processes involved in a woman's perception of herself with and without make-up:

'Using a brain scanner, the scientists were able to monitor activity in the caudate nucleus of the brain and confirm that when a woman sees her own face without make-up, she anticipates how she will eventually appear to others and a "reward system" is activated, releasing dopamine to give sensations of pleasure.

"We know from previous research that when this area of the brain is activated we can derive pleasure from certain activities," said Keishi Saruwatari, of Kanebo's laboratories. "We interpret that as meaning that when a woman looks at her face she is imagining how she will look when she has applied her make-up.

"There is a mixture of expectation, encouragement and ambition," he said. "Make-up contributes to building relationships with others and feelings of pleasure in women."'

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I think they should also do research on men's perception of a woman's face with and without make-up ;)


Abdul Sami said…
love how u ended it... lol
Uni said…
Good that it's a study.

I would have been a little concerned if this was a universal rule with all women!
Adnan Siddiqi said…

kaise kaisy research hoti hain :-)
robertryu said…
good search!and its ending is good too.
F. said…
Then again,I don't use makeup and I'm a woman,albeit rather young.When I look at my face,I like it because it is my face.War paint or no war paint.:/