MS Paint Tag

Vasudha passed on an interesting Tag to me recently, so this post is in response to that.

The rules are:

The person who tags you gives you five different words and you have to make five pictures based on those words using MS-Paint only. After doing the tag, you have to tag 5 other people and give them 5 words for their pictures.

The five words she gave me were:
> Self-portrait
> A stethoscope ['cuz you're a doc, too :) ]
> Dr. Miranda Bailey (from Grey’s Anatomy) [Because you watch the show too :D ]
> A philosopher
> Freedom [Would love to see your interpretation.]

Here it goes!

Self portrait in Jackson Pollock style! :D That's the best i could do on MS Paint without losing artistic credibility :P

Lub-Dub, Lub-Dub... i can hear your heart beat ;)

Miranda Bailey... the Nazi of Seattle Grace Hospital!

A philosopher stuck in reflection...

The last of human freedoms... something you can find even in a caged cell.

This is an open tag from me... anyone who wants to take it can do so. Here are the five terms i give:
* George Bush/ Zardari (ur pick)
* Nike logo
* Mona Lisa
* Any electronic gagdet
* A ghost


Vasudha said…

That's a nice self portrait -- interesting choice of colours, I must say. The one on Bailey is cool, too -- I sooo love that dialogue from the show.

I liked the one on "freedom" best, though. :)
Anonymous said…
Oh, you quoted my favorite 'Bailey' quote! :D

Very interesting pictures, Doc.

I found the red behind the stethoscope very disturbing :p
Tazeen said…
i loved the one titled 'A philosopher stuck in reflection'
Ana said…
Inspiring tag. I think I may be tempted to give this a go, purely out of creativity, and to just see what I can produce with such themes. Beautiful blog by the way.
Awais said…
Thank you, Ana :) You are most welcome to take the Tag.
Nikki. said…
hahaha i loved ur self portrait ;) U can be a good MS Paint artist =P
Sandeep said…
well do you guys know that there's all new MS paint in Windows 7