The Ideal Lifestyle

X: Unfortunately, most Pakistani women (of older generation, at least) have a particular mentality. In our society we are taught that there is only ONE lifestyle that means happiness; ONE ideal of lifestyle. And if your life deviates from that one ideal lifestyle, then you cannot be happy (and even if you are happy, society will gradually talk into your mind that you are not happy). For girls, it states that they have to marry a good guy because only then they are set for the happy life. With all the rishta competition in Pakistan, the race against time to find a proposal before all the good ones are taken and before the "expiry date" of the girl is reached, the gossips, and other bla bla, every mother believes that she has to make sure her daughter has a happy life, and that in delaying her rishta and marriage, she is actually risking the happiness of her daughter's whole remaining life; she has so much at stake from her point of view."


Anonymous said…
Its not completely are just explaining what you think is right,you think by not marrying girls early, they get deprived of happiness....Can you give some solid reasoning to convince your soon as a girl gets married all she is expected to do is to work like a machine, produce offsprings and forget all about her dreams...
misspecs said…
(^I wonder why people get emotional without reading one tiny little paragraph through!)

I agree. People do have a mentality that only marriage is what makes a happy fulfilled life. if one tries to argue that its just one part of it and 'happily ever after' isn't based on marriage alone, people think one's being unrealistic.

Girls who think like that, AND AUNTIES totally need to get a life!
yep... it also exist here (in the Pakistani community that is) and makes things quite difficult for the girl who refuses to conform to their ideal (hint: your's truly) ;-)

I think you should write about this in the US magazine :-)
Tazeen said…
i like the fact that you used the expressions 'rishta competition' and 'race against time', the situation is awful and shall remain that way because girls are lead to believe that it is the end all and be all for all of them
SloganMurugan said…
Ditto, in India too.
Awais said…
@ Anonymous

You missed the point of the post :P

@ Raaji

I'll think about that :)
Good show!!

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