By Muhammad Awais Aftab

The accusations
The anonymous shouts --
But I smile

[Published in Us Poet's Corner]


freethinker said…
is that about my blog? i've been having accusations and anonymous shouts lately... [feel free to chide me for makin this about me]
Awais said…
Well, the timing is coincidental... it was written a long time ago :) I guess that's good thing about poetry; alot of people can associate with it ;)
freethinker said…
well then i owe you a thanks for timing it well.
Kunwal said…
oh that s funny. i thought it s maybe because of me. :)
Cool Haiku!
I think I will write one or two for my photos.
You have so much talent. MashALLAH.
M. Umer Toor said…
How beautiful and pure! And how big the heart of this man must be...