Erwin Schrödinger: On the shore

Not many know that Erwin Schrödinger, the Nobel Laureate Physicist, who made vital contributions to Quantum Mechanics, and is well known in popular culture for his 'Cat Experiment', also wrote love poetry (inspired by many love affairs he had in his lifetime). Here is a sample poem:

On the shore

When on the shore of Wicklow
after the bathe
we from each others mouth
kissed the cherries from each others mouths,
tell me just what would it mean?
Is it a pastime for any two?

When on the shore of Wicklow
I with my cheek
'gainst your bare arm leaning
went asleep against your bare arm leaning
tell me, just what did it mean?
Is it a pastime for any two?

When one the shore of Wicklow
I'll once embrace
with all my strength will once embrace you
what is that going to mean:
that you thenceforth
from me shall not go, never go.


Umer Toor said…
I always thought he was uncertain of location and flow!
Umer said…

'twas really refreshing to read it coming from great Schrödinger.


Obvious for a Quantum Mechanics godfather. :D
the physical sciences have always agitated me.