Years pass, and you come to regret some of the things you have done. And you wish to apologize to someone, to just let them know that you are sorry. But doing so might only scratch old wounds. That person has moved on; you have moved on.

Can silence be the best apology?


Kunwal said…
You know, sometimes an apology is not enough and you have to make up as well.
It requires courage to apologize if so much time has passed. Indeed it might open old wounds. In that case you have to make up for it (can happen to be inconvenient).
But if you go through all of this, the result will be very rewarding for the peace in your heart and mind.
And even if the person does not forgive, you at least know that you have tried.
Abdul Sami said…
silence duzn do it..

but sometimes a false apology does not suffice either !
Anonymous said…
I'd say I agree. Apology is 80% silence.

I usually screw things up MORE when I talk and try to apologize. I say 'sorry' but i think the actions that follow are more important than the sorry itself.

Just on a side note, if i learn the elusive art of keeping silent, i would cut down on 'apologizable situations' 90%, i kid you not!
Hamza said…
Even accepting that you were wrong and an apology is due is in itself an achievement but old wounds heal better if the apology made is audible. Otherwise the wound never heals, keeps oozing blood, we just get immune to the pain.
Ayesha said…
One should always own up to one's self before taking that step forward.
Apologies are always welcome. No matter how redundant they might be.
Anonymous said…
no, silence cannot be a good apology, you have to speak whatever you have in you mind. if time is missed you will miss the beautifu moments in future. always there is a way but a late decision cannot compensate an in time decision