George: Is it possible...do you think, to love two people...at the same time?
Burke: I, uh...I'm still hoping it's possible just to love one person.

Grey's Anatomy, Episode 3.23


misspecs said…
So am I.

But I think its possible.
F. said…
Is it possible?
No. I don't think real love works that way.
But do people "love" two or more people at the same time?
Yes. It happens quite often.

I think I know a little bit about the show's back story to this quote...and it's not love; it was George's own impatience and lack of insight into himself that made him marry and that made him cheat. He needs to think things out. :/

I suppose watching the show makes for a biased opinion about this, eh? :>
Awais said…
@ F.

Yeah, that's why i didn't write the context of the quote :P
Abdul Sami said…
even though we do not realiz it... we love a lot of people around us... our best friends... our loved ones... our family... our parents...

and yes if you talk about that 'one' person... at times u still love your best mates more...

it is possibl and we all do it... we r jus not aware of it... !