Lollywood makes it to Andy Warhol Museum

'With nods to masters of horror Romero, Raimi, and Hooper, first time filmmaker Omar Ali Khan pays a giddy and gory homage to the genre, splattering Lollywood with more than just arterial spray.'

A Pakistani movie will be shown at Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) on 5th December! No, it's not Khuda Ke Liye, it's not Ram Chand Pakistani... it's of a totally different league, a horror movie, Hell’s Ground (aka Zibahkhana) by the director Omar Ali Khan. It isn't exactly a portrayal of the so-called 'soft image' of Pakistan, but something positive and gory nevertheless. Thumbs up to Omar Ali Khan!

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Abdul Sami said…
brilliant... thanks for puttin da limelight on it :D
Think Tank said…
seen the movie? i'm still dying to watch ramchand pakistani
Awais said…
No, i haven't got a chance to see it yet, but i have heard that it is pretty good.