Islamic Banking

I was out eating with a group of friends...

Me: Terrorism aside, look at the word economic crisis.
Abdullah: Yeah, capitalism is about to fall. What would come after that? What do you say?
I took a pause, thinking about how to tackle the question.
Taimoor: Phir Islamic banking aye gee! (Islamic Banking would come after that!)

And we all burst into laughter.


Anonymous said…
LOL. You're getting this from a financier: He is SO right.
Kunwal said…
And I also read several weeks ago in The Economist that capitalism may learn from islamic finance and that the problems as they are now could not have appeared under a sharia-compliant financing system. (it was an article on islamic banking in fact).
Uni said…

Maybe Im missing something here, but what was the funny bit?
F. said…
Maybe Uni and I are just pessimists...but I was thinking something grim the other day, and this fits in a lot with that.

Chilling. :|

Do we need "Islamic" capitalism?
Oh God no.

(Irony intended too.)
Abdullah Shahid said…, that was fun. :-D

And on a serious note, which ever system comes next I am hoping that it would be the PERFECT one. Not another experimental failure.
Awais Aftab said…
I am of the opinion that if capitalism needs to learn something, it has to learn from Socialism.
As is being said these days: If Marx was alive today, he'd say 'I told you so!'