What, Who, How... in 2008

Here are some selected top ten searches that were conducted on Google in 2008:

What is...

Amidst the economic crisis and terrorist bombings, the world is still asking, "what is love?"

1. what is love
2. what is life
3. what is java
4. what is sap
5. what is rss
6. what is scientology
7. what is autism
8. what is lupus
9. what is 3g
10. what is art

Who is...

Apparently a lot of people have been watching the presidential drama and thinking, "who are these guys?"

1. who is obama
2. who is mccain
3. who is palin
4. who is lil wayne
5. who is miley cyrus
6. who is dolla
7. who is jonas brothers
8. who is chris brown
9. who is biden
10. who is martin luther

How to...

And its 8 years into the 21st century, but the world still needs to learn a lot...

1. how to draw
2. how to kiss
3. how to write
4. how to cook
5. how to tie
6. how to hack
7. how to run
8. how to cite
9. how to paint
10. how to spell

See Google Zeitgeist for more info.


N.A. said…
And its been almost an eternity since the creation of the universe and this world still needs to learn, 'how to be human!'
Abdul Sami said…
is it totally freaky that i kno the answer to most of those questions???
we will always need these things. I mean think of it this way: as far as kids are being born there will always be people who have never kissed before.. :-)
and about politics.. I am not surprised... half of America wouldn't even be able to name our vice president :-)