I recalled a poem today that i had once read on the blog Utopia Forever. 'Aubade' by Michael Londry. It's a long and beautiful poem, but the part i like best about it is the ending, which i would like to share with the readers:

Being in love with you is centrifugal.

It is hard to believe
Being in love with you
Was once
That tiny space
In my heart
That has since exploded
Into a vast cathedral
Of sky
Under which I stand alone,
Looking up.

It is raining cats and dogs.
I am drenched.
Being in love with you has soaked me
To the bone
And I will never again
Be dry.


Uni said…
It is indeed, beautiful
*very touched*

Thanks for sharing
Kunwal said…
oh awais, what a radical change in your blog! that change deserved a small entry. :)