The Bomb

The Bomb
by M. Awais Aftab

There is a bomb of bitterness in me
Waiting to explode
Tick, tick, tick
Eager to unleash the darkness
That would eat me from inside
And i stand paralysed
With a scissor in my hand
Unsure what to do
Which wire to cut
To halt this impending doom
The red one?
The blue one?
All logic fails me
And it seems that
My fate is in the hands of chance
Once again



Uni said…
The cartoon was funny :D:D:D. The poem was really nice.

I actually feel the same way.. but I wish I knew how to RELEASE that bitterness you know. Which wire, indeed, to cut.

By the way, since I am now starting the journey of knowing what philosophy is all about, a small question for you:

Does philosophy help a troubled heart? Troubled mind too? :)

Awais said…
Thank you :)

I'll answer your question in my upcoming post.
M. Umer Toor said…
Awais, when you write poetry, i mean when you're in the process of writing, how much do you rely on logic, how much do you analyze the substance that you're creating? Is it all 'auto' and intuitive? Do you encounter any of kind of flow which might drive you and poem from start to the end? Does it happen like this?