Newtonian Vs Quantum

For believe me!—the secret to harvesting the greatest abundance and the greatest enjoyment from existence is this—living dangerously! Build your cities on the slopes of Vesuvius! Send your ships into uncharted seas!... The time will soon be past when you could be content to live hidden in the forests like timid deer.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Most people prefer to live deterministic lives; lives that can be mapped out, charted with accuracy, the trajectory plotted out in coordinates with precision: they live in a Newtonian world. Newtonian physics, as we all know, works for a large number of everyday observations, but when you go to the extremes, when you push limits, that's when it breaks down. There are people who live at these extremes, where determinacy loses its meaning, and uncertainty rules. Where there is not a single path to follow, but a maze of probability to walk through. Where identity hangs from the question mark of wave-particle duality. This is the Quantum world. Newtonian world is safe; Quantum world is the unknown, hence scary. It requires immense strength and courage to survive there. A stray anti-particle could annihilate you in a moment. Why would anyone even want to live like this? Driven by some sort of inner-calling, maybe. Some primal, fundamental urge? Something innate like the charge of a particle? Who knows. But the Quantum world does exist. The people in the Newtonian world may close their eyes to it, they may live in denial, they may consider it a sin, but the fact remains that their world is a fake, constructed world. And there will always be those who would not be satisfied with that.


OnlyUzair said…
Most part of this blog makes it look as if we have a choice whether to live in a newtonian world or a quantum world [which ofcourse is not really the case]. Personally, I dont think anyone denies the existance of Quantum Mechanics. In a way, its just like gravity: people dont deny it, and even if they do, it wouldnt make any difference at all for them.
Vasudha said…
People don't get to choose between a Newtonian World and a Quantum Mechanical World -- but they may ignore the latter.

I would say that people choose to live Newtonian lives in a Quantum Mechanical World -- they ignore Reality and, consequently, follow "fake" lives.

"And there will always be those who would not be satisfied with that."
I concur.

Nice piece. :)
Hamza said…
Someone I know fits the description of a Quantum world resident. As far as why would anyone even want to live like this? A great personal tragedy can drag you towards this world. Attachments make us weak and after a huge loss one is thinking, things couldn’t go worse than this! When such thought trickles down the mind, you really let go of everything which you fear to lose, infusing you with that immense courage and strength to survive in such a world.