Music Heals

Music heals. It helps you deal with the pain. Like a gentle touch on a sore skin, it makes the ache more bearable. It doesn't abolish the pain but it makes us less affected by it. A song that fills you up, makes you resonate with its tune, this is the music you need in your life. Something that makes sense of what you are going through; makes you feel that you are not the only one. That this song is the acoustic transmission of the shared feelings of all the people who have been through the same. Some words of lyrics that never made sense to you, but at some right time you find yourself humming the song and realize the meaning that was always inherent in them. Good music is not the songs that make it to the charts, most of whom you won't even remember with time. Good music is what reaches to you, which touches you. It need not even have words; it could be an instrumental; feelings too sometimes have no words. Like people, songs too come in all varities. You have to find the songs which matter to you. Songs that you will remember, because they are not just songs; they are expressions of your life.


robertryu said…
very true,but choice of right song is very whenever i am sad i used to listen sad songs that make me more depress.i know thats wrong but at sad moments i cant fill myself with happiness!
Vasudha said…
Beautiful post. It touched me because I can totally relate to it at the moment.

Very well written. :)