Alfred Gockel

Alfred Gockel is a brilliant German abstract artist, whom i have recently come across on internet, and his paintings have captured my fascination. They are not only beautiful and inspiring, but they reach out to something deeper in me. His vibrant and swirling colours, his abstract figures, his romantic scenarios, the intense flowing lines, the elegance of his work, its all magic. And i feel bound to share the work of this maestro on my blog. Here is a selection from his paintings:

Moon Dance

Mirror Image II

Lost in the Desert I

Circle of Love II

Blushing Spring II

Moved by the Music I


Anonymous said…
These are so awesome... I'm stuck between which I like best because there's nothing I don't like in any of them! Colors, imagery....everything's awesome.

Thanks for sharing the link.
Vasudha said…
Beautiful paintings!
I love "Moved by the Music I' -- thanks for sharing 'em. :)
Tazeen said…
great art ... very vivid and strong