The Large Hadron Collider and the Earth-Engulfing Black Holes!

Large Hadron Collider experiment is well on its way, and like most people with a scientific bent of mind, i am very interested in it, and eagerly looking forward to the results. Will the elusive Higgs particles be detected, which provide the very origin of mass? Will the presence of transdimensional particles, and hence those of extra dimensions, be confirmed? The suspense is intense.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of absurd nonsense spreading around, being propagated by people who have no sense of physics. For instance, i heard this in the news of PTV that the particle collision might create a black hole that can engulf the whole earth. Duh! My mom was certainly spooked. But watching this being said in the News on Pakistan's official channel, sigh, dukh hota hay. The truth is, even if black holes are created, they would be of such minute mass and such small life span, that they would pose no harm to us, let alone engulf the earth. So, earthlings, carry on; your absurd, meaningless lives are not about to end so soon.


Uni said…
Did you know, a 16 year old girl even committed suicide in India, because she watched these Indian talk shows too much, which emphasized again and again about this "Doomsday" concept.

Incredibly sad!

The experiment I heard was successful :D I mean, nothing untoward happened right ? Analysis would come later I think!
Hammaad Alvi said… :)
Awais said…
Hahaha! This is awesome :D
To quote Einstein, Physics is just this kind of fun ;)