We often delude ourselves into believing that we don't have a choice in some particular matter, that we had to do what we did. But, we always have a choice. Even when it seems to us that we don't have a choice, we actually do. It's just that some of the options available are so unacceptable to us that we don't even consider them as options, but that doesn't change the fact that they do exist. For a long time, i believed what Kissinger had said, "The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously." But there is never an absolute absence of alternatives; its just that we consider some of those alternatives to be beyond consideration. Only the brave and the reckless can ever consider those as options. So, Mr. Kissinger, i would like to amend what you said. It is not the absence of alternatives which clears the mind, but rather, it is the understanding and realization that which alternatives are acceptable to you and which are not that clears the mind.


Qasim Aziz said…
Kissinger suffers from 'bad faith'.:P

Heres a little fact about Henry Kissinger.Zia once invited him to Pakistan and while on a dinner in Lahore he was asked to put some light on the history and idealogy of pakistan,Javed Iqbal (son of Allama Iqbal)was also present there.Javed Iqbal writes in his autobiography that Kissinger was so absent minded during the speech that he thought Javed Iqbal was the one who is considered the poet of the east.He never realized that Allama had died in 1938 unless someone interupted and corrected him.

This incident has nothing to do with you post but i thought it will be funny to share this info.Poor Kissinger ,the mechiavelli of our age.
Uni said…
[Only the brave and the reckless can ever consider those as options.]

Er.. isn't that quite a bit of generalization here?

I mean, considering ALL alternatives would mean

1. Salman Rushdie is a brave man
2. Sabira/Shakila Camp was bravely destroyed
3. People who blow themselves up killing others are er, brave..

Is that what you think?
Awais said…
Bravery doesn't necessarily tag along with what is right. A person can be courageous, and yet commit horrendous acts.

Suicide bombers are brave, yes, i believe so, but i also believe that what they do is a horrible, condemnable act.