A satisfied life is a balanced life; life doesn't revolve around just one thing, but a number of things, each one of which play's a role as a pillar in supporting the architecture of life, and each of one of which acts as a buffer to stabilize life when one of them is lacking. When life revolves around just one thing, it loses its balance; it becomes an obsession, and obsession never leads to satisfaction, because you want that one thing so badly that it always leaves you unsatisfied. Don't bet all your money on a single game; find your balance.


robertryu said…
it seems u ve a stable personality.but its very difficult to deal with complex emotions we develop for particular object.our thoughts started to revolve around one single thing.i know its wrong but it is out of bring emotions under control gives our parsonality a stability.very hard to control.
gillani said…
in today's chaotic world it's v hard to be one time u strive for one thing and at the other moment u want to get another thng and also pine for tht with gr8 magnitude thn b4.its all about our unednign desires tht shod b checked
surprisingly i was just explaining this to a friend the other day... dont know to what extent i succeeded but i tried.

I think only when this "truth" enters our minds completely, we can actually be happy.

Well Written! :-)