Paimana Bitte - Zeb & Haniya

Zeb and Haniya on what their song in Darri, Farsi and Pushto is all about

Like any other song in a different language, an exact literal definition isn’t possible. So the band members tell Images what they think translates closest to the song’s meaning in English.

Part one, translated from Darri/Farsi:

Paimana bideh ki khumaar astam;
Bring me the glass so I may lose myself;

Man aashiq-e chashm-e mast-e-yarastam;
I am in love with my beloved’s intoxicating eyes;

Bideh, bideh, ki khumaar astam;
Bring (the glass), bring (the glass), so I may lose myself;

Part two, translated from Pushto:

Dilgeer garzama labela taana;
You have captured my heart and I wander aimlessly without you;

Khabar me waakhla, raasha jaanana;
My love come/return, and see the state I’m in;

Khabar me waakhla, raasha jaanana;
My love come/return, and see the state I’m in;

Tarso ba garzay te bela mana?
How long will you wander without me?

[Taken from Dawn Images 10th August 08 issue]


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mk said…
Google search for the translation of 'paimana bitte' led to your blog. Sheer beauty. Makes one wish that beauty and art had more of survival value than just sentimental value. You can't cling to idealism for too long, alas. And you can't let go of it either. Choices. Sigh. However I'm glad I 'chose' to read your blog. Irony, irony. :)