8 Peculiar Things About Me

Ok, Kurri, here goes your Tag. These are 8 peculiar things about me...

1) I use a variety of coloured highlighters on my books, so that they look very colourful... 'rangeen mizaj' my friends call me.

2) I like Mahmood Khan (His music, that is. Ever heard some raspy, grave voice on a music channel? It was probably him singing. You can listen to his songs here; my favourite is 'Raat aur Din')

3) I often talk to myself.

4) I have a bad sense of wardrobe... i recently wore joggers with shalwar kameez :S

5) I don't like talking on the phone for very long... as a friend once said, 'I cry after talking to you on the phone... you are that bad on it!'

6) I have a brown streak on my right thumb nail. ['my mean streak' :)]

7) I was a big fan of 'Earth Final Conflict'. (Yeah, that sci-fi tv series of aliens with egg-shaped heads.)

8) I don't like soup, and i don't like Maggi noodles (or Knor noodles, for that matter!)

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kurri said…

1. highlighters? we were asked to use them too but i don't like writing anything on my books, lol. i like 'em nice and clean ^_^

2. audio/video link?

3. aloud? hahaha

4. lets meet some time. maybe i can finally put my knowledge from fashion and clothing class to some use.

5. neither do i .. unless of course i'm talking to sexy :p

6. hahaha i have a blue beauty mark

7. er no idea

8. you're sad. how can you not like maggi noodles? i buy them for like $3 each. it's pretty sad but i'm addicted.
Miss Specs said…
@Number 7- Hurray! Another one who wok up early on Sunday mornings to catch that!

@ 8- Hear! hear! I can never, for the life of me see why people would pay good money to drink, of all the things, SOUP.
Dur-e-Aziz Amna said…
Aargh...I get the Maggi noodles part. When you have to have them almost everyday, its quite sad.
So, how do we respond to your tag Awais?
Awais said…
@ Dure

You have to write 8 peculiar things about yourself on your blog :)
Dinky Mind said…
You don't like Maggie Noodles??? They are soooo good. Kabhi khaien bhee hein ya aisay he bol dia? :D
Think Tank said…
thank ...reading your posts i almost thought you were quirkless
Awais said…
@ Kurri

I have added the audio link to the post. Do check out :)

EFC was a sci-fi tv series.

@ Miss Specs

Glad to see another EFC fan!! :D Welcome to the blog.
ahh... thank you for tagging me. I
I dont think wearning joggers with shalwar kameez is peculiar. It is a sporty look and i have seen so many people doing it. :-)
It is quite official :-)
Saad Javed said…
here it is awais!

sweety said…
hi awais remember this is cute princess well it is not a good thing to contradict someone esecially in his blog and when this is my first ever comment anyhow my point has already been taken by some kurri. u dont like noodles well obviously it is the matter of your taste but i am sure k ap nay kisi achi place se nahi khai ho ge of course meray hath ki bani hoi nahi na lolz.