Poets and Poetry

A Poet

The day
You flip through all the
Thesaureses and dictionaries
And still can't find the word
You need
That is when you'd become
A poet


What is poetry
But prose gone astray
Like a wild, beating heart
In love
Fibrillating, arrhythmic

by M. Awais Aftab


Kishore said…
This is simply wow!
beautiful :-)

it reminds me of that quote: "at the touch of love everyone becomes a poet " :-)
Vasudha said…
Very beautiful.

It's amazing what you can convey with a few words, artistically arranged. :)
Aadil Omer said…
Absolutely loved it!
kinkminos said…
: )
thank you. i can now refer to myself as a poyut, having made virtually threadbare my online thesaurus/dictionary.

damn this sleazy obsession with the mot juste.