A Pair of Black Holes

A Pair of Black Holes
By M. Awais Aftab

I understood what black holes are
When i saw your eyes
A gravity so intense
That no mortal vision can escape
From being ensnared
Two circles of singularity
Where space and time come to an end
And i find myself hovering
On the event horizon of love
Like a moth around a flame


Anonymous said…
Its a good idea.. doing romantic poetry in the language of modern physics..
I would say it is a weird poem. From "black hole" i get the idea of something dark and painfully rather deadly but it is interesting how you put it in a romantic context and implied beauty :-)

Good one :-)
Vasudha said…
Ah, physics and poetry! Totally cool! :)
Kishore said…
This one's great, Awais..
The black holes concept, in this poem, is quite vague to me.. but the way it turned out is very good!
Haider said…
robertryu said…
ur poem is simplt the best.
robertryu said…
ur poem is simply the best.