Faubourg Saint-Denis (True)

See this brilliant short film 'Faubourg Saint-Denis' (originally came out as 'True') by the director Tom Tykwer. It is included in the short film project Paris, je t'aime.

Read this after watching the film (Spoiler):

In case you didn't understand what happened, the film shows the young, blind man who mistakenly believes that his girlfriend, an actress, is breaking up with him on the telephone while she is just rehearsing a dialogue. And in a split second, he reflects on all the time he has the spent with her, and the growth and the seeming decline of their relationship, and in the end when he says "I see you" what he means to say is that he has realized that he has been ignoring her and has not been giving the proper attention that she deserves, and now suddenly at the prospect of her breaking-up, he can 'see' how valuable she is to him.