The bluest eyes in Texas

The lonesome Texas sun was setting low
And in the rearview mirror I watched it go
I can still see the wind in her golden hair
I close my eyes for a moment, I'm still here

The bluest eyes in Texas
Are haunting me tonight
Like the stars that fill
The midnight sky
Her memory fills my mind
For every heart you break
You pay the price
But I can't forget the tears
In her blue eyes
(Where did I go wrong)
Did I wait too long
Or can I make it right
The bluest eyes in Texas (the bluest eyes)
Are haunting me tonight

Nina Person, Nathan Larson (OST Boys Don't Cry)


have you watched this movie? How is it? I kind of wanted to watch it but I am not sure... :-)
Awais said…
I haven't seen it myself. Just watched some clips, and heard the soundtrack and a friend told me its story... and i am not sure i want to watch it too, its a painful story. :)