The Secret Fear of her Secret Desire

"The flaws in the grand-passion of Alleluia Cone and Gibreel Farishta were as follows: her secret fear of her secret desire, that is, love; -- owing to which she was wont to retreat from, even hit violently out at, the very person whose devotion she sought most; -- and the deeper the intimacy, the harder she kicked; -- so that the other, having been brought to a place of absolute trust, and having lowered all his defences, received the full force of the blow, and was devastated."

Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses


Vasudha said…
Hey, you've read that book! Damn, I so envy you!
Awais said…
Lolz. Well, the book has a lot of hype, but its not really upto it. Some passages are very good and brilliant, but i find most of it somewhat average. :) I'll write a review of it soon on the blog.
Vasudha said…
Can't wait to read the review. :)