A Pair of Glasses

For years, i was a nerd ... well, almost a nerd; the only thing i lacked was a pair of glasses, which would have completed my image of a full-blown geek. After i joined the medical college, i figured i have had enough of the theeta life, and so i shedded this 'nerdiness' off me, and it was then that the universe in all its humour decided to give me a pair of glasses. Well, call it a vestigial remnant of my nerdy evolutionary past, or perhaps it is a sort of sign from fate that i can't really exorcise the geeky ghost that resides in me. Anyway, all these speculations aside, geek or no geek, i think the glasses look good, and so it is a change that i welcome.


Qasim Aziz said…
I know a lot of Nerds,and they don't read 'Richard Dawkins'.:P
heheh... cool i wear glasses myself at times.. people say i look like a journalist with a the laptop, a coffee cup and the glasses :-)
Vasudha said…
Ah, the Universe works in mysterious ways! :)
Kunwal said…
congrats on your new glasses :).
there s a difference between nerd and geek. call yourself a geek :).
Nouman said…
yeah the glasses look pretty good on you..! :)