God and Meaning of Life

* The meaning of life, i.e. the meaning of the world, we can call God.

* To believe in God means to see that the facts of the world are not the end of the matter.To believe in God means to see that life has a meaning.

Ludwig Wittgenstein, Notebooks


Qasim Aziz said…
Awais ,what do you make of Wittgenstein's fideism?
It were his views on religion that made him criticise Bertrand Russell's essays on social and moral issues.
NoExpertsNeeded said…
Hello from California!
Maybe everyone in the world is thinking about the 'meaning of life' on a Monday morning as they rush off to work, wishing they could be doing anything but. In some way, the routine of "work" might be one of those facts of the world that we need help seeing beyond.
take care,
Louise Lewis, Author
Awais said…
@ Qasim Aziz

The idea of religion as a Language-Game has been very appealing for me, and it is one of the ways in which religious thinking can be made compatible with philosophy and science. But to treat religion as a language game, to believe that "that religious discourse is essentially self-referential and does not allow us to talk about reality" is something which no actual follower of religion would accept.
Qasim Aziz said…
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Qasim Aziz said…
But Wittgenstein himself said that the best part of the Tractatus was the one that was left wnwritten.He always believed in 'mystical truths'.So ,when Wittgenstein talks about 'Reality',he just means that what can make 'sense' and what is 'non sense' in language.However, unlike Positivist he never relished the idea.Wittgenstein of 'Philosophical investigation' turned his own philosophy upside down.In Tractatus ;he was of the view that the source of language was reality(picture theory),however the later Wittgenstein regarded language as the source of reality.He replaced his picture theory with tool theory.

But i've to admit that my understanding on Wittgenstein needs improvement.I am trying really hard these days to grasp his philosophy.
Awais said…
Wittgenstein passed through two major philosophical phases, marked by his Tractatus and his Philosophical Investigation, and his ideas must be placed in the correct context to be understood.

I once gave a lecture on the life and philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein. If u have an orkut account, u can see the text here:

Qasim Aziz said…
it says page not found,and yes i do have an orkut account.
Awais said…
I don't know, the link is working on my side. Acha, search for the community "Youth Vision" on Orkut, go to its Topics list, and find the discussion "Lecture on Wittgenstein" in it. You'll find the text there.