The expulsion of Ahmedi students from PMC

In an outrageous move against the rights of particular religious sects in Pakistan, the Punjab Medical College in Faisalabad has expelled all its Ahmedi students, which according to the Dawn newspaper are 23 in number, while various other sources say the number to be 15. They have been accused of preaching the Ahmedi religion in the university. Earlier, many students of the PMC had arranged a protest against the Ahmedi students, asking for their expulsion. I find this whole event highly distasteful, abominable and unjust, and nothing short of mass religious persecution. This has to be condemned on all levels. The PMC has made a very bad decision by giving in to the demands of the paranoid religious fanatics bent upon persecution of the Ahmedi sect. Are we heading towards Islamic Fascism? Is this what we want Pakistan to be? This is a shameful violition of basic human rights. The students were not even given a chance to plead their case. The new PPP Government has to take action and reinstate the expelled students. And it is also the duty of all international governments and agencies working against religious extremism to put pressure on the Pakistani government to do something about it.


Anonymous said…
great job why dint they shoot them.Patners of jews and enemies of Islam those leachers should be thrown out of Pakistan
ahmad said…
Thanks Awais for writing, i admire your courage , you make me proud
Anonymous said…
It appears from news reports that it was a Mullah instigated persecution of the Ahmadi students;

No entry for clerics: Health Additional Secretary Saeed Nawaz told Daily Times that a meeting would be held with the PMC principal on the issue. He said that the department was sympathetic to Ahmadi students. He said that local cleric should not address students in college mosques.[/Quote]

...and also

He alleged that the boarders, with the consent of hostel wardens, forced 15 students – 11 girls and five boys –to leave the hostels at 4am on June 4. He alleged that on June 5, a mob of 300 college students had barged into Ahmadi students’ rooms, beat them and threw their luggage out of their rooms. He alleged that the boarders also stole valuables of Ahmadi students. He said that the PMC principal had also ordered the Ahmadi students to return home till the matter cooled down.[/Quote]
sohaib said…
it is very hard luck and bad luck of our country that these Mullahs are doing such rubbish things in our country this is a very very bad thing done by PMC every one should be ashamed of these acts.
Anonymous said…
My dear Pakistani brothers and sisters;
I am an Ahmadi Muslim alhamdolillah. We believe in Islam to be the final religion of Allah and the Holy prophet Mohammad(saw) to be the last law bearing prophet and the closest to Allah among all prophets. So much so that Allah does not like anybody to come towards Him unless the person is lovingly following the footsteps of that great prophet (saw). Ahmadiyyat represents Islam in its pristine purity. Please read about it. Do not take the Mullah's word for it. Just read about the Interpretation of Islam presented by the Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian and without getting angry think about how much it helps the cause of Islam. Please understand that you too are waiting for the Messiah..and you too believe that when he comes anybody who doesnt join his ranks will be thrown aside like a thing discarded. Could it be that he has already come and the Mullah's hate mongering has blinded your vision? Could it be that the misery Muslims are in is due to the fact that they have rejected the plan of Allah...not only that.. they hate it! Please think about these things.

An Ahmadi Muslim
Tayyib Rashid said…
It's truly amazing how the extremist mullah's in the name of protecting Islam continue to do things that present Islam in such a distorted manner, that Islam becomes the laughing stock of all religions to the rest of the world. I wonder, have any Christians, Hindu's, or students of any other religion been expelled from this university because of their religious beliefs? I have never heard of such a thing! The Pakistani intellecuals are leaving Pakistan due to limited opportunity as it is and instead of trying to conserve and retain these intellecutals and professionals, we keep pushing them out and breeding more and more ignorance. This is the reason why in the history of the Nobel Prize, only ONE muslim has ever won this honor. And even that person, Dr. Abdus Salam was an Ahmadi. And if the Muslims consider Ahmadi Muslims to be non-muslims, then that means that in a population of over 1 billion people, NOT a SINGLE person from among the Muslim Ummah has ever won this prize.
When will the Muslims wake up? Until and unless the Muslims as a whole will not respect and protect the rights and beliefs of minorities (both muslim and non-muslim alike), Allah will continue to punish us at the hands of other nations.
ghufran said…
I am an ahmady too. What has happened was very shamefull indeed.
Come to Canada and see how many of muslims have thier head coverd here and how many Ahmadies have thier head covered.
Why extremism does not last here. Why when I sent these blogs to my sunni friends here, condemned it. Why the molvi sahib here in Masjid usman( sunni mosque) invited us over for namaz.
I guess because they have leaned that if they can live with thier christian,jew and hindu neighbors and friends. They can live with us too. We share the same belief so why not. I took more than a dozen of my sunni and shia friends to the jalsa salana we have here in Canada. They had a time of thier life. all these are true muslims because they are kind hearted and tolerant.
you can't cut somebodies throat off to make them accept what you think is right.
If we could have lived with harmony. that would have been great.
Why didn't these 300 student went to the ministers house to ask for ATTA, or Electricity.
Why not get together and go out protest for inflation, high prices. No because raising voice for poor is not a teaching of islam according to them. okay. do what ever you please. put your energy in to negetive side and kill your self
Awais said…
Just to avoid any misunderstandings, i am not an Ahmedi; i just stand for religious tolerance and rights.