Birthday Card

This is the cover of the birthday card that i gave to my brother yesterday, and he seriously believes that this figure resembles me. *eyes rolling* This is what i get in return for giving a nice birthday card! Humph!

P.S. Waisay there might be a grain of truth in what he says, particularly about the eye brows. Lolz.


Kurri Pataki said…
that is the CUTEST birthday card i've EVER seen! can i get something similar for my next birthday? xD
Nouman said… are right about the eye brows ! ...and a nice card ! :)
haha... well first of all, I wont say that it was a "nice" birthday card :-)

So, i think he has every right to make fun of you :-)

its weird how one of my class fellows looks so much like you (the image that I have got from the Pics I have seen).
Whenever I look at him, I just cant help but think of you.. its pretty alike!
Kishore said…
(falls off laughing)
@ish said…
dure said…
LOL. You know what, there is this...inexplicable similarity between the guy and you Awais, some strange quality. ;p
Although you do seem to possess a much more...uhh, delicate and 'muhazzab' nature. LOL.
Awais said…
@ Raaji

If you have a picture of his, i'd love to have a look at him. :)
gaya said…
(no comments)But I have to say the caricature is v