The 4400

I recently ended the Season 4 of the TV series "The 4400" and it has been a really interesting and illuminating series to watch. 4400 people, who have been missing since various times, as far back as 1946, suddenly appear in a ball of light in the present day world. None of them has aged, none of them remembers anything, some have returned with new abilities, and one woman is pregnant. The story follows these 4400 people.

Apart from the 'X-files-ish' and 'X-men-ish' touch that the story-line had, what was distinct about this series, for me at least, was that it depicts how a whole religious movement can be born, and how it can rise; how the psychologies of individuals can lead to the emergence of a religion on a large scale, and how this religion can provide unity and identity to a group of people desperately in need of it. After watching this, it is not difficult for me to visualize how religions like Christianity and Islam could have evolved. So, if you are the sort of person who has an interest in Sci-Fi, Thriller and History of religions, go for the series.

(This is Jordan Collier. I didn't like his character much in Season 1 and 2, but in 3 and 4, he is awesome. This character has all it takes to be the founder of a new religion: charisma, power, intelligence, and most importantly, followers.)


cool Stuff.. what channel does it come on? :-)
Awais said…
It was originally aired on USA Network. I downloaded all the seasons from internet. :) The show has been stopped at Season 4.