Some Folks

A quote that i always repeat to myself when i have to make a choice between being myself and being what the society tells me:

'Go live your life, son,' he said. 'Some folks'll hate you, some folks'll love you, most folks haven't made up their mind. It's up to you.' [John Grisham, The Bleachers]

But i think the real problem occurs when the 'some folks' that hate you turn out to be the 'some folks' that you love.


Kishore said…
A memorable quote. I don't think I understood your comment, Awais..
@ish said…
nd i guss it really hurts when tht very people u love hates u for doin want u want..
Awais said…
I mean that those people who disapprove of the way you want to live are the ones who are close to you.
very true. John Grisham is a great writer and honestly, I live by this philosophy. The people you love to happen to hate you are not really worth loving. Don't you think it is just a sign to you to stop wasting time and effort on them. 'coz trust me, there will be people who will love you for who you are.