I had never thought i would be saying this, but sometimes i feel a sense of association and sympathy towards religious-minded people living in the company of not-so-religious persons, despite disapproving of their views. Perhaps it is the sense of being the odd-one out, the sense of alienation due to firm adherence in something you believe. Average people tend to lead lives of blissful religious hypocrisy, and any person who shows signs of leading his/her life according to some beliefs or philosophy, whether religious or secular, becomes an anomaly.


Kunwal said…
I had always felt this association the other way round, also despite disapproving :).

I wonder if you re thinking about the same incident I am.
Kishore said…
A very good observation. True, in a world where nobody cares for a philosophy or a principle, I do feel an association with people who hold firm views, albeit contradicting my own views.
Awais said…
@ kunwal

I think we are thinking abt the same incident. :)
Qasim Aziz said…
I concur,i would rather sympathise with a person who have some true religious convictions than those pseudo-liberals or religious hypocrites out there.

I think Allama Iqbal wrote this Sher for people like you ,

Zahid-o-tang nazer nei mugh ko kaafir jana
Aur kaafir yeh samajta hei ke muselman hoon mein