Shalwar Kameez

The response of my very kind and nice friends when they saw me in Shalwar Kameez today :

* 'Masha Allah!'
* 'Aaj tu juma parhnay ka plan hay!'
* 'Tum musalman hogaye ho?'
* 'Syed bananay ki koshish kar rahay ho ab!'
* 'Suna hay tum ne kal apnay ghar main philosophers kay but torr diye hain!'


Anonymous said…
Shouldnt it be "Aj kaunsi Eid hai" :P lols

It happens when u see someone doing something that they think has become obsolete for him ;)
Kishore said…
Lolz. Do you have pictures, Awais?

And well, I'd like to know the answer to the question among the comments..
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Awais said…
@ Nikki

Yes, u are right about that. :)

@ Kishore

No, i don't have pictures of this particular instance of wearing shalwar kameez.
Which question are u referring to?
dure said…
Hmm...To goya shalwar kameez is the sign of a Muslim. Any self-respecting shalwar kameez wearing athiest would love killing your friends. ;p
haha... i can so relate to this...
same here!
and you know its worse when you are a girl.