Poetic Expressions

X: I seek poetic expressions to describe love, but often they seem inadequate, and sometimes plain shallow. These are moments when the heart wants the truth about love and all verbosity only undermines the emotion. You are not the sunshine of my life or the waves in my ocean, because love isn't these things. But the truth is that for the past few hours, since the moment i woke up, i have been thinking about you, to somehow describe what i feel for you. Perhaps 'I love you forever' smacks of exaggeration to you. Maybe it does, but the truth is that as much as it is humanly possible, i want to love you and share my life with you till i die. Let the world say that the poet lies, but without you life is hell and you are my heaven.


dure said…
So sweet.
I know the feeling, the 'how do I describe it' one.
Anonymous said…
It is the truth that often words spoil the feel that u hold inside and sometimes polishes it as well, but it depends on the nature of the feel that ur going through.

Nicely said!