Outer and Inner Beauty

Distinction is often made between outer (physical) and inner (mental) beauty, and to a great degree it does remain valid, but at some moments, it appears to me as if the distinction is being blurred, and it becomes impossible to determine which part of the beauty is physical and which is mental, and the person just appear to you as beautiful. Not beautiful from inside, not beautiful from outside, but just plain beautiful. Perhaps it sounds absurd, but i guess it is not possible to relate to this unless you have experienced it too, and if you have, then you'd know what i am talking about. But of course, beauty is a product of both subjective and objective perceptions, so the sort of beauty you perceive depends on your state of mind as well.


Afifa said…
Your are absolutely right. Sometimes the person's objective beauty blurs in the face of his/her subjective beauty and we simply love that person not caring about looks. Happens with me at least.