'A man who cannot enter your heart, cannot enter your eyes.'

Tehmina Durrani, Blasphemy


voiceofthepast said…
before i forget, where did you buy this book from? i've been looking for it all over the place.

and omg! this quote just brings back memories, sigh.
Awais said…
I borrowed it from a friend who bought it from Anarkali.

You can't even find it at Variety or Ferozsons or Oxford etc?
voiceofthepast said…
i don't live in pakistan :/

i doubt my cousins will go to anarkali for me, lol. i'll ask them to check at variety. that's the store in liberty, right?
Awais said…
Oh, sorry, my mistake. :)

Yes, Variety books is in Liberty.
The book was published by Ferozsons, so u would almost certainly get it from a Ferozsons shop: one is on the Mall, and one is in Gaddaffi Stadium.

Hope ur cousins find the novel; it is an eye-opener about our local spiritual saints!
Sarah Khan said…
I thought "My feudal lord" was the only book she wrote..or i'm not sure..it was written by the help of other writers i think.. and she just added the ideas of it.Anyways i liked the quote.
Awais said…
@ Sarah

She has written 3 books. 'Feudal Lord', 'A Mirror to the Blind' a biography of Abdul Sattar Edhi, and 'Blasphemy', her first novel.
dure said…
I don't really like the author. I read My Feudal Lord, found it extremely nauseating at places, as well as inaccurate according to sources.

But the quote is very nice...appropriate. Of course, every man who enters your eyes cannot enter your heart as well.
voiceofthepast said…
if only we were all cinderellas.