Effeminate Idleness

"It would seem that when a culture lacks monsters to kill, civilizations worth fighting for, or ideas to advance, men seem to dissolve in effeminate idleness, making the art of love their main profession."

James Weigel, Mythology


dure said…
I beg to oppose.

Love feuls progress and advancement.
Kishore said…
I don't really oppose this, but I think the tone in which it was spoke was close to blasphemous.

Excuse me? Effeminate?

Yes, Love fuels advancement. And when there's no war to fight, or, when there's nothing as dirty, as meaninglessly adrenaline-fuelled, as brawn-over-brain chauvinistic, as bloddy and as beastly as war to do, the more real, the more beautiful thing called Love fosters.

In other words, these moments of love-fostering peace are more natural than war. As natural as breathing. More natural, in fact.
Awais said…
I agree :) But i feel that there is a grain of truth in it as well, and this is one of those quotes which i am reminded me of again and again during my life.