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Afifa said…
Dear Awais,
I have recently come across your blog and have not had the chance to go through it thoroughly but i have a feeling that this is exactly what i would love in a blog. Poetry, wisdom, philosophy and serenity:)
Awais said…
@ Afifa

Thank you so much! :) Welcome to the blog.
Qasim Aziz said…
Keep it up mate,very good blog.
The way you express yourself is brilliant,i have always believed that every great thought remains partly unsaid.But after reading you that doesn't seem to be the case.
Even reading your personal philosophical thoughts makes me feel that i once felt the same way ,but was not able to express or articulate my thought in the same manner.

As Goethe once said ,'All great thoughts have been thought a thousand times,but they are not truely ours until we think them again honestly and they find their roots in our personal experience'.

God bless you,even if you don't believe in such a God.:)
Awais said…
That is very kind of you, Qasim. I am honoured that u think so highly of the blog. And the quote by Goethe is brilliant and true! Thanks for sharing! :)
Uni said…
Somehow, I am still searching for YOUR OWN opinions on manyy different things you POST yourself.

I mean, I find views of philosphers, thinkers, painters, poets...

Where is your OWN stuff?

Hope you don't mind.. I am impressed by your writing style and all.. but I'm talking DEEPER than that..

Awais said…
There is a lot of original stuff in this blog too. You can find it mostly in the tags of Thoughts. My Poetry and My Prose is original as well.

And yes, i do like to quote other writers alot, because i believe that if someone has expressed a particular idea very well, then i should make use of it, instead of writing it in my own inferior expression. :)
Uni said…
Well Okay :).. Maybe I haven't gone into the depths of your blog, and just skimmed the surface..

What I really meant was the "your own inferior" expressions (which I am 200% sure would be inferior ONLY to you), would be much better and more .. er, REAL, if you write them. I mean, that's usually what I am searching for in a blog, and hoping to find. That's what makes interesting reading, otherwise, if I want to read other's expressions, there would really be no difference between internet surfing and "reading a blog entry."

Just a thought. Aagay, your life, your blog, your marzi :D
Awais said…
@ Uni

You have a point :) I'll try to include more original stuff from now on. Thanks for your honest and valuable comment, it was very helpful. :)
Uni said…
No problem !~:)
sweety said…
well this is my second comment
if i am not wrong your world rank is 14th so that proved everything
you have done a phenomenal job awais and this blog made me thrilled with excitement because
1) I was not bored at all infact i want to read it till end so to me it is a big compliment that any reader wants to read till end .
2) i am of 20 yrs and i m doing BSc but i am quite ashmed after reading your blog that
a guy of only 21 yrs of age and he is so talented that his intellectual powers that you have are brillant and are totally unmatched and now i know that i am only able to cook good noodles hehe n i am ashmed that i think i have guts to write or i have some kind of literary power
3) for once when i saw ur orkut profile i thought yeah he is a medical guy with extraordinary ability to write and read that he knows something abt art also but after seeing ur blog i came to know the other side of the picture also i mean that the artistic style as u know art has many forms so the background colour of ur blog and the color combination was out class
fantastic as i have seen ur friend's bolg also and i have to close it without reading because he chose those colours which made my eyes heavier .
4)well awais u are interested in relegion infact Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was the one who knew the best but still i want you to search
Muhammad Asad he was a converted muslim his jewish name was Leopold Weiss an outstanding foreign correspondent for the FRANFURTER ZEITUNG, born in 1900 and do write his writings also . i am sure that he will impress you as he impressed me alot.
so last but not the least keep it up.
Awais said…
Thank you, sweety. I am really flattered. :)

Just to remove the misconception, the ranking of blogs by 'web2rank' is just the ranking of blogs which are a part of the network of web2rank, and not of ALL the blogs in the world. If you consider the whole Blogosphere, my ranking would be way way lower.

Thank you again for all the praise. And i hope you enjoy the blog. :)
sweety said…
well thanks for responding so quickly.

well awais thanks for the info
but to me if something touches my heart then to me it is out of this world
but anyhow awais go and check ur weight serioulsy i m sure there is increase of 4 pounds bcoz of my tareefi qalemat.lolzz
keep in touch .ca
M. Umer Toor said…
Hi Aftab.
Now I've a plenty of time to read and listen to with patience.
As I appealed you earlier, I wish to learn philosophy from you. Here are only a few of my queries. You can either give me a link for reading, name books or, more preferably give me your opinion depending on your time constraints:

1. What is wisdom, in its traditional and contemporary sense? How do we judge perceptions or wisdom of one frame of reference, of one mind against another? Is there any yardstick?

2. Is there any need of revelation when we have wisdom, i.e, sources of knowledge inherent with man?

3. What are motives or purposes of philosophy? To what end philosophy can go? And, what are its limitations and why?

4. I also wish to study philosophical basis of economic thought and its history. Perhaps you can guide me to read whom and what.

5. What is the place of logic in relation to philosophy and all other science?

Suffice these for a humble start, I'll be waiting patiently for your affections.

Sincere M Umer Toor.
Awais said…
@ Umer

1. Perhaps what u mean to ask is "What is Truth?" instead of 'wisdom'? If that is so, you can find a very detailed article on Wikipedia:

2. Well, it depends on your religious views. If you believe that revelation is from God, then it is a logical consequence that you would believe it to be the truth. But if you believe that holy scriptures are products of human mind, and not of divine origin, then your view of it will be different. As such, human knowledge is imperfect; ultimate reality is beyond human grasp.

3. I hope the introduction of my book will help you:

for limitations, you can see chapter on Logical Positivism, Wittgenstein, Popper.

4. This will help you:

5. You can see this:

Also see chapter on Marx.
M. Umer Toor said…
Truth is very technical as far as I have encountered it - philosophically. Wisdom seems to be another thing, perhaps "sources of knowledge"? That's I wanted to know. Traditionally, we name philosophy as 'love of wisdom', while some traditionalist writers have objections that modern philosophy is a negation of it (like, Reno Genoun, Frithjof Schoun etc.) Like you have mentioned about philosophy as 'study/love of paradoxes.

And, thanks aaaaaaaaa lot for all the links and sources!! I hope we've healthy future discussions, as I read all you've given me to read.

There's a little discussion on Linguistics, which limits philosophy and metaphysics, and the linguistic (who used index card system) here:

Manavi said…
i m a beginner...
bt i hv the love 4 wisdom..n my quest brought me to ur blog...
i found it interestin..
perfume said…
This blog is very informative; I am really pleased to post my comment on this blog. It helped me with ocean of knowledge so I really believe you will do much better in the future. Good job web master.
Agha said…
Hey! I visited your blog for the first time. i would say you have done well.

Agha Naqeeb
adriana said…
I have been reading your blog since I found your entry on the song "Laree Chootee" way back in 2007 and I am still as impressed as I was on Day 1. Do you have a facebook/twitter/etc?
Anonymous said…
aoa awais
can u help me in this question
What approaches does Freud use to study narcissism and why?
Awais said…
@ adriana

Yes, i am on Facebook.
Awais said…
@ uR

This might help you:
Alluring said…
It's awesome because it really gives one food for thought! And I liked it mainly coz I can relate to ur thoughts in a way...! Keep it up, cheers!
Sadaf said…
perhaps you've read it perhaps you have not.I'd like to know your opinion on The concept of God as shared by the turkish scholar Ahmad HUlusi in his book Universal Mysteries.
sara said…
I couldnt find the word can i follow he blog:(
Awais Aftab said…

I just added that. Look at the left side column at the top.
Anonymous said…
i visit this blog of yours often(perhaps more than often) .of course most of the things go way above my head still i like whatever it has i.e philosophy, psychology ,literature movies etc .so keep the good work doing .with many thanks. naif