Can and Can't

Dr. Bailey: I sat up one night. Middle of the night … and I knew I could do this... I still don’t know how I’m gonna do this but … I knew I could do it. You just have to know and when you don’t know then no one can fault you for it. You do what you can when you can, while you can. And when you can’t, you can’t.

Grey's Anatomy, Episode # 213


voiceofthepast said…
that totally screwed up my head, lol. i can't believe you watch grey's. i don't know very many guys who actually like it, lol.
Mobashir Ahmed said…
Once there is a will, there is a way. One has got to have high aims and oobjectives.
yeah... there are somethings you just CANT do... you are not meant to :-)
Cheers :-)
Awais said…
I like it. :) Its among my fav tv series.
voiceofthepast said…
naww.. really?

i started watching it and then i lost track in the middle, lol.